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Last week in group therapy session, much to my surprise, the clients did not in fact want to do the activity we had planned that would require them to talk about coping skills (…super...The breakup followed by what hardly feels like a breakup at all: we still fall back on the ex that actually wasn’t so good for us in the first place.

It’s 2017 and it’s almost a rarity to meet someone in a social setting and date from therein.

With the big V-Day fast approaching, whether we’re single or in a relationship, dating or fornicating, we all deserve a little somethin’ somethin’.

A highlight has to be Jon trying to impress a woman he’d known for a couple of months on Valentine’s Day (Skip to number three).

Make a wrong move, and you’ve lost out on valuable time you could have spent meeting your real someone special (as well as the price of an entrée and drinks).

Of course, everyone is a so-called expert these days, and you’ll find many bloggers claiming they have the best advice.

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