Bulova watch serial number dating

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It is nearly impossible to date a Bulova watch made between 18 without the help of an expert, but for those made in later years, the date can usually be identified through the use of a special code.

Certain stylistic elements common to each decade can also help you date the watch.

Interestingly, the code system is well documented from L and on...however, I have recently come across some 1940's watches with the code "A8" and "A9".

These watches were also engraved with the owners name and the date- 19 respectively.

These must have been the first years that Bulova implemented it's new dating system.

The second digit is a number between 0 and 9 and represents the date.Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer IWC Breitling Rotary Longines Piaget Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Rolex Omega Cartier Tag Heuer Rotary Longines Other Makes Diamond Set Under 100 Gold Pocket Silver Pocket Clocks Diamond Rings Rings Over 100 Rings Under 100Dating your Accutron is really quite a simple procedure. This can be found on the back of the case and on the movement.No need to worry about long serial numbers on these!There are often date codes and/or serial numbers, however, which can help you determine how old the watch is.Using this information, you can compare your watch to the models that were made during that time period to identify the model.

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