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Simply upload a photo of someone you think is hot, and Dating AI will sift through dating apps like Plenty Of Fish, Bumble, and Tinder, to find people with the closest resemblance.

They also offer default images of celebrities, making your search for knock-off Idris Elba a breeze.

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Giving unprecedented access into our celebrities’ lives, viewers can watch their dating ups and downs every weeknight…

Now the line-up for the third series has been confirmed!

Stars from After a long history of yo-yo dieting and drink and drug binges - James ‘Arg’ Argent recently went off-grid and attended a rehab facility in Thailand to try and beat his demons once and for all. Arg's former TOWIE co-star Bobby Norris and cutest-person-ever was seen being quizzed by dating gurus Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex at the end of last series so this one probably comes as no surprise.

The app—appropriately called Dating.ai—uses facial recognition software to match you to attractive look-alikes.

You can upload a face of your favorite celebrity (or even someone you know in real life) and will scan through Tinder and other dating sites like Match or Plenty of Fish for faces that look similar.

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