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Lulu previously included guys’ names, faces, and ratings without their knowledge; but this year, due to backlash, it changed its policy so you have to consent and share your info to be included. Instead they’re given a “quizlike” multiple choice form to fill out about the guy.

Questions are divided into seven categories—manners, look and style, ambition, commitment, humor, kiss, and sex; users then also get to choose applicable “Best of Him” and “Worst of Him” hashtags like #epic smile on the plus side, or #wanderingeye on the minus.

Most of the hyperinflationistas are morons, even the ones that don't have a faux Nobel.

So it was a pleasure when a commenter at The Automatic Earth tipped me off to John Williams' -relatively- recent paper: Hyperinflation Special Report (Update 2010)Even my cantankerous self wouldn't dare to call Williams a moron.

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because all the Korean movies I have seen so far,their definition of kiss is a peck on the lips. We've watched it several times and we'll probably see it again. I particularly like the monologues on life and emotions..... Great creativity employed by the director especially in the flashback scenes. It would be great if So Ji-Sub and Shin Min-A could feature in another romantic comedy together I just finished watching this drama. HOWEVER, the original soundtrack was absolutely beautiful. both of you should become a real couple in screen and in real life... Love to watch this drama from the beginning to the end... They are so good and funny together without being too cheesy.

Optimizing survival strategies for anyone lucky enough to have any assets really boils down to the question of deflation versus hyperinflation, or a sequential mixture of the two.

See the above picture to get an idea of how the different color relate to each other.

PLEASE NOTE, unlike other S/S/H pick guards, the Ultra pickguard is cut different and WILL NOT WORK on a Fender Strat with a standard S/S/H route.

So here we have three hyper-intelligent people with three different viewpoints on the subject.

Stoneleigh (as well as Ilargi) at The Automatic Earth: Same as Prechter but with the caveat that when nearly all credit disappears and globalized markets cease, then hyperinflation is likely to kick in.

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