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Sony Pictures, Sony Europe, Sony BMG Greece, Sony Thailand, Sony Music Japan, Sony Ericcson Canada, and others, have all been the target of attacks.Sony has had to contend with intense scrutiny from media, disgruntled users and lawmakers, with everyone asking the company how it could let such a breach happen., outline plans by Avid Life Media, the site’s parent company, to launch an app that would entirely exclude heterosexual women -- and potentially insult all women.We are proud to be members of the Darien-Mc Intosh County Chamber.

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On the other hand, there's also evidence that Biderman's pursuit of equal opportunity cheating is of less noble means than he makes it sound.

Now, critics are wondering what exactly the motivation might be behind the continued hacks.

While the initial Play Station Network breach was the largest of the hacks to date, Sony's cyber attack problem has continued due to both inconsistent security across Sony's systems and the rise of new groups of hackers interested less in punishing Sony than in showing off their ability to breach the company's defenses, experts say.

“The ability to improve visibility, security and response capabilities across an entire IT surface, including highly distributed branch environments and public cloud infrastructures, is becoming increasingly important as companies and organizations continue their digital transformation.” Rob Salvagno, VP of Corporate Business Development at Cisco The acquisition is due to come through somewhere in the first quarter of 2018, while staff and technology alignments are yet to be defined.

Read More: Cisco Blog, Cloud Pro Roughly 37 million users whose personal data has been exposed about two years ago, are now entitled to a reimbursement after a US court order.

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