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"Psychedelic everything," is how he describes his ensemble's paean to pot, "Olympic Gold." We are here, of course, to welcome home Ross Rebagliati, the 26-year-old slalom snowboarder who won a gold medal at the Nagano Games, had it revoked when his urine test revealed the presence of 17.8 nanograms per milliliter of cannabis metabolite (the legal limit is 15), and then got it back on a technicality. "Government studies have been done to test the effects of secondhand smoke.

More than 7,000 of us have congregated, many apparently hoping to see Rebagliati admit that he had indeed sparked and triumphed. They locked people in closets and blew so much marijuana smoke at them, they had to wear goggles.

But as he trots into sight sporting his fifties-style Canadian Olympic Team varsity jacket, he seems more Richie Cunningham than Tommy Chong. " he shouts, before dragging his grandmother, Sylvia, onto the stage. And still they didn't test 15 the next day." So for public consumption, at any rate, wholesome Ross it is, though there have been rumors that the real Ross will shine forth at a restaurant gala enticingly titled Ross's Private Party.

The emcee, somewhat desperate, initiates insipid chatter. There are just 200 lucky dogs on the guest list, so naturally a posse of sullen young shredders clusters outside, cursing the bouncer.

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He was the happy-go-lucky fellow who, at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, was briefly striped of the gold medal in snowboarding for having traces of marijuana in his system.

Usain Bolt yielded that as an adolescent encountering adolescence in Jamaica, he now and again used cannabis.

Shock hasn't had any run-ins with the International Olympic Committee regarding cannabis use while fighting, yet I speculate that he knows how to keep things peaceful. If he needs to thank weed for that title, I'm sure that' be OK.

"I just want to have a beer with the dude," gripes one, 19-year-old Bill Robbins.

Another scales a 15-foot-high stone wall, and then a chain-link fence, to bust through the back entrance.

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