Schizophrenia dating

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I'm not completely humourless about it, but it does confirm there still are, and probably always will be, ingrained prejudices about those, such as me, with mental health issues. Since my diagnosis, I've had two long-term relationships, one for three years, and one after that for nine months.Both thought that as I seemed so normal I couldn't possibly need to take medication, and perhaps the doctors were wrong.Now, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created an interactive model of that matrix to fast-track research and treatment of the tormenting disorder.I had been happy in high school, popular even, and the ability to connect with people seemed so effortless then.

Falling in love is hard but it only gets more complicated when you have to drop the bomb about having a mental illness to your date.With situations like these, how can a schizophrenic approach dating and find his or her lover?, a blogger at the New York Times, writes about how schizophrenia has affected his dating life.Schizophrenia goes hand in hand with brain chemistry out of kilter, and treatment options for a major symptom aren't great.Biomedical engineers data-mined the collective scientific knowledge of a major symptom, the disruption of working memory, to build a remarkably accurate simulator that can help researchers and doctors devise new treatments.

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