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The preexisting dating teams traveling around the world include New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight and his partner Harley Rodriguez, and Olympic medalists Aly Dudek and Steven Langton.Those being set up on the blind dates of a lifetime include a Navy physician and a registered nurse and two lawyers.The “Blind Dating” pairs proved to be the strong teams early on in the race and prevailed until the final leg.“None of you knew each other at the start of the race, but here you are, the three teams who finished the race,” said host Phil Keoghan to the final three teams.Tyler and Laura made mistakes, but they also made smart and wise decisions.They tried to stay positive all throughout the race.Four teams raced from Trujillo, Peru to the final leg in Dallas, Texas, with Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson or Team So Cal (Southern California) ending up as big winners of .From the first day of the race, which was an “extreme blind date,” Tyler who is a mobile application developer and Laura who is a booker, faced extreme challenges.

This season will feature 11 new teams of all dating duos with a twist: six who are preexisting couples, and five duos who will meet for the very first time at the starting line when they are set up on the most extreme blind date ever.

Find out below, and see if Zev really is a duck whisperer.

When they told us where they found it, we realized what happened. Justin: Zev was more calm than I was — and it was his passport.

The biggest star of the bunch, though, is Tyler Oakley. I know that sounds like sucking up, but “Amazing Race,” “Big Brother,” “Survivor” — we’re obsessed with all of those shows.

He has candy–colored hair and a chipper, earnest delivery. And these are shows that have been around long enough that you probably watched them with your parents growing up, right?

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